Dear craftsmen and handicraft producers,     
thank you for joining the MicroCraft marketing self-learning programme. We value your motivation to extend your knowledge and expertise. As already mentioned in the interviews with various craftsmen, the lifelong learning aspect is one of the key issues for a successful business.   

Self-learning programme
You have probably been recommended by someone to have a look at the webpage. Or you have found it by coincidence. There is a list of ingredients you would need to gather up in order to pass the course: It is mainly the curiosity, plenty of motivation to read, to think, to observe and to try out new things.

In order to make the most of the course, we have collected few tipps and suggestions for your successfull learning process:

Tips for your eyes

1.    Print the modules and other learning materials and list and browse through them until they get fingered and thumbed.
2.    Underline important things using different colours (Develop your own system for attribution of colours to diverse text elements)
3.    Draw schemas and mindmaps on posters and place them on the wall in your learning corner. (Or at least temporarily onto the fridge door or the bathroom door.)

Tips for your ears

1.    If you are in touch with other craftsmen, you can form a learning group an meet regularly in order to learn the lessons step by step. Read laud to each other, explain your point of view and discuss as much as possible.
2.    The majority of mobile phones  or mp3 players are equipped with a recording tool. Make your personal record reading through the chapter you have been working on. If you cannot stand your own voice, ask a friend of yours, or your husband, wife or your children.
3.    While learning, read your notes loud. If it´s helpful, form a short rhymes or slogans which will help you to memorize the key concepts.
4.    Find someone who would be interested in the topic and at the end of each unit explain to him/her the basics you have learned.

Tips for your general progress in the course

1.    Divide the learning units into small bites and pieces. At the beginning you might be very motivated with a lot of apetite for new things and experience. However sometimes too much energy invested at the beginning means a quick tiredness and speedy slowdown. Even if some units are short and comprehensible. Rather take more time for embedding the findings into your everyday practice. Discuss it with friends, family and colleagues. Incorporate the lesson learned into your business. Let the topic to settle down before you pass over to the next one.
2.    Involve your "significant others" into your learning process, which means let all kind of people whose opinion means something to you. They may carry out various activities together with you. Or you may try out various versions separately and then compare the results. They might once play the part of your customers, another time they might be some independent respondents or idea spenders. Anyway, the more people get involved into your learning process, the more chances you have to incorporate the new findings into your farming business.
3.    Do not give up. If you get tired, take a break and come back to the course later. It would be a pity after getting involved and putting in a lot of energy. If you realize you get lazy or you lose motivation, ask friends for help or get in touch with your national project partner in order to ask whether there is an actual course currently running at some educational institution. You learn for yourself!

"This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.
This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein."

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